Faith Schroder Working a Thong Bikini!

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Echo Lawrence - October 13, 2020

Faith Schroder is Ricky Schroder's smoking hot daughter. She's been a star of instagram for a little while now, at least according to me, since I base instagram stardom on how hot the pics being posted are.

Both her and her sister have maximized their social media feeds, using bikinis, and skimpy fitness outfits to push their channels, in a less aggressive way than launching an Only Fans, but in a perfectly aggressive enough way for us to see basically all they have to offer in a SFW, mainstream way.

It just goes to show you that even if your celebrity relative was only a celebrity in the 80s, the kids can still use their access from being raised at arm's length from the industry to carve their own way on social media, which is great, because otherwise we wouldn't get to experience this hotness as it lives the "influencer" dream the thong bikini way!


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