Fanboy Faptastic: Alessandra Torresani Flashes Her Fleshy Asstastic

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bill-swift - October 11, 2011

UPDATE: Sorry, peeps, the long arm of Ma Bell reached out and touched us inappropriately, forcing us to remove these images from the site. For one shining moment or week or such, they were faptastic.

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STOCK ALERT: Invest heavily in the manufacturers of hand and body lotions sold through discount chain stores, because sales figures are about to sky-rocket.

Well, hello, Alessandra Torresani junkside. Long time no see. The not so super-shy actress did a little outtake shooting it seems and party as she might, party as she may, could not resist a major flashing of the tuckus in but a little black g-string, giving full site of her twin seat cushions to every pent-up nerd within four parsecs of her full-blown cheekiness. Now, let the parent's basement door lockings officially begin, because that Torresani rump is going to cause a serious amount of frictional activity among the self-frakking set. Enjoy.