Farrah Abraham Hair Flip Nip Slip During Swimwear Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - August 10, 2018

As Farrah Abraham learned firsthand, no good deed goes unpunished. She thought that she could satisfy the appetites of all her spectators by giving us a sexy hair flip, and she ended up giving us all a nip slip. I feel like I just won the jackpot during bingo night at the old folks home. Martha has been heckling me about my losing streak for far too long.

Maybe this will be the day that my luck finally turns around. Maybe this will be the day that all of our luck turns around. No more will we be the losers. From now on we will be known as the people who experience unexpected nip slips. The world is our oyster, and that oyster is filled with unintended nude photos.

That may not be the legacy you hoped to achieve for yourself, but it is the one that you have been given. I am sorry if that is upsetting to you, but I spoke to my manager and there is nothing that we can do. We gave away our last upgrade to a child with spinal meningitis. Personally, I think it was a waste, but it wasn’t my call.


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Photo Credit: MEGA