Firecrotch Returns: Lindsay Lohan Upskirt Pictures

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bill-swift - August 10, 2006

I know I keep posting pictures of Lindsay Lohan, but admit, there's a part of you deep down inside that loves it. And if not, just be happy I'm not obsessed with Paris Hilton. Regardless, these are particularly noteworthy. Why? Because it seems that Lindsay is taking tips from Sienna Miller and Ashlee Simpson, and is flashing her panties for the world to see.

It seems like this is the new celebrity trend lately. Either these girls are trying to get more attention, or the paparazzi are getting better angles, but either way, it's better than retardedly small, ugly dogs. And thankfully, that awful leggings trend seems to have gone away, otherwise, we'd never see pictures like these.

Of course, I wasn't quite expecting to see Lindsay Lohan wearing granny panties, but I guess you learn something new everyday. Besides, Lindsay probably wants to keep that Firecrotch under wraps. At least until such time that it's necessary for her career to reveal it. Anyway, check out more pictures of Lindsay Lohan after the jump.