Florence Welch Topless In New Video ‘What Kind Of Man’ Redux

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bill-swift - April 29, 2016

The video is not new. But not sure how we missed out on the topless shots of Florence Welch, I'm assuming not a body double, in her music video, what kind of man. They run multiple versions of these music videos for YouTube, Vevo, etc, so you never know when a racier cut will come along or make its way into the digisphere. This time, caught by EgoReader, 'Spencer L.'. I sure hope it's not a body double for the good bits, seems like Florence, who we've not shown topless before but for whom we have a weird alluring craving. She's not your traditional pop music bubble gum hottie, but a more complicated redhead. Though less complicated in these stills. See what you make of it, after you lay down the plastic sheets and crank up the Leppard. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Florence And The Machine 'What Kind Of Man'