Former Drug Cartel Leader Ana Pacheco Gets Topless For SOHO

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bill-swift - December 9, 2015

I can't say I'm a super expert in all things Colombia drug cartel. You really need a program to know all the players down Sudamericana way. But suffice it to say, Ana Pacheco once ran with some pretty high levels of the cartel in Colombia, investigated heavily by authorities, and rather notorious for her sultry hot good looks. She's a drug lord you'd probably remember.

Now, Ana has turned her life around, from a life of outlaw to a life of most excellent sin, including posing topless for photos in Soho magazine. Because if you can't beat them, flash them, I always say. Something like that. The point is, with a body like Ana's, it's time to get legit. Funbags on a sextastic Latina are my drug. In this sense, your purpose has stayed the same, only nobody needs to die. Just a short trip to heaven and back. This is a splendid turn of events. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine