Francesca Cipriani Festive And Topless In Her Own Calendar

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bill-swift - March 4, 2015

If you're going to produce something called the Francesca Cipriani calendar, you darn well better have Italian hottie TV starlet Francesa Cipriani in the calendar. And if you have her topless, why then, you have something the business world likes to call, healthy sales.

The sweet blonde Big Brother contestant and TV show hostess from The Boot made sure that her finest foot was forward, not to mention her delicious funbags in this tribute to the many months of the year. I think there are twelve this year. Though were they all marked by hot photos of Francesca, I'd vote for a few extra months this annum. The months of Faptastic and Sextastic could easily follow after April. I wonder how you say, I want to make many many babies with you, in Italian. All I know how to say is I have traveler's diarrhea and I need to find the nearest bathroom. I've learned that phrase in all the world's major languages. Somehow I don't see that impressing Francesca. Enjoy.

Photo Credit:Eva 3000 Magazine