Frederikke Winther Topless

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michael-garcia - August 25, 2016

Super sexy Frederikke Winther loses her top in this eye-popping spread for Plaza Magazine Sweden. In many of the pics she is wearing some slightly revealing bit of clothes. Normally this would be enough to quench the thirst, but then at the end she says, "screw it", and takes her top off while smoking a cigarette. How very European of her. She's got a truly tremendous set of knockers. They aren't super big but trust me, the big ones can be a little much sometimes. They are just the right size to party. If there were a "You must have hooters this big to ride" sign it would have a picture of Frederikke's jubblies. She's got the whole classic tall slender model thing going for her. Whatever it is she's doing is working.

I love it when girls I admire like her take their tops off. It is just one of life's many pleasant surprises. 


Photo Credit: Plaza Magazine Sweden