French Actress Roxane Mesquida Topless

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bill-swift - June 23, 2016

Roxane Mesquida is one beautiful French woman we're fortunate to have transplanted to Los Angeles in search of modeling and thespianic fame and fortune. There's nothing finer than when the fine females of France come to you. Whilst Roxane is in search of her rising star, she's taken time to bring her European sensibilities to her modeling work, which means some splendid peeks at one sextastic woman poolside with stellar funbags.

Roxane is another one of the finely organic gals we treasure like precious gems here. Well, gems we want to loofah in the tub whilst some soft music plays in the background. A reminder that somewhere in the backyards of the local environs at this very moment there are beautiful women sunbathing topless. As opposed to my above ground inflated pool where my erstwhile chubby friend Buckner Monteith sadly does the same. One day, heaven, you shall treat me kindly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Grazia France