French Model Eva Biechy Black And White Topless

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michael-garcia - March 9, 2016


This topless photoshoot of French hottie Eva Biechy is very arty and...well...French. However, that doesn't mean it isn't sexy as hell. It's mostly in black and white, which makes it automatically more classy. Eva starts off in a lacy bra but soon loses it and let's her perky boobies fly as free as the tricolor. She looks existentially bored with the ennui of life. That only makes her hotter in my opinion. She looks like the kind of girl you could discuss Sartre with and then take home for some truly epic banging. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. We also get a look at what she's got going on in the booty department when she takes off her bottoms. She's got that nice thin silhouette butt. It's no bubble booty, but that would look weird on her. It's just right.

That's the thing about France, there are gorgeous chicks like Eva all over the place. They mass produce them there.  

Photo Credit: Marco Miraglia