French Seductress Pauline Baly Topless Treats!

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michael-garcia - April 8, 2016

French professional sexy person Pauline Baly takes off all of her clothes in this outdoor photoshoot for Treats! Magazine. Leave it to Treats! to bring like these. Pauline is seriously hot in her clothes, but outside her clothes she's almost too much to take. She's au natural in this spread, in more ways than one. There is something about a woman naked outside that really does it for me. Maybe it's the whole evolutionary memory of back in the good 'ol days when humans ran around naked all of the time. What I know for sure is that Pauline's boobage is outstanding. I would very much like to motorboat those badboys until dawn. 

French chicks are pretty hot. I was there a few years ago and my eyes bugged out of my head like a cartoon wolf at all the hotness. And yes, they really do run around topless in saunas and beaches. 

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine