Gabriella Catherine Oiled Up And Topless

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michael-garcia - July 27, 2016

Super sexy sweetheart Gabriella Catherine got all naked and oiled up for Yume Magazine. She's posing in front of one of those three-way mirrors they have at the tailor which only multiplies the hotness. Gabriella has some nice perkies that point upwards. I love a pair of jugs that are slightly turned up. It gives the girl a sexy pixie quality like they'd be down for some fun. Gabriella looks like she would be a good time to hang out with, though she might be a little bit trouble. But that just makes her sexier. Who doesn't like a little danger. She's also got a pretty tremendous booty. It's highly smackable, though I would refrain from doing that if you don't want a lawsuit. 

This girl is seriously hot, y'all. Why is she only coming to my attention now? Am I getting rusty? How could I miss someone this friggin' hot. I promise to do better. 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine