Game Of Thrones Star Charlotte Hope Went Epically Nude Yet Again, In The Spanish Princess

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earl-jonas - May 6, 2019


If you're a fan of Game of Thrones then a) you know bloodshed goes best with a Starbucks low-fat skim milk caramel macchiato and b) you know that Charlotte Hope has an amazing body and looks damn good in the buff. Hope starred as Myranda on eight episodes of GOT, where she showed her breast, buns, and even bush in multiple hot scenes. Hope has since defected to Starz, where she leads their new period drama The Spanish Princess, and in last night's premiere episode, showed off her smooth glistening ass and perky nips while getting out of the tub.

With the strategic Sunday scheduling of The Spanish Princess and plot that could also play out in Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I wouldn't be surprised if Starz is looking to siphon off some Game Of Thrones fans after that series' impending final episode. And if they keep delivering Charlotte Hope nude, I'll be there...


See the full scene here

Photo Credit: Starz via Mr. Skin