Geiza Rodrigues Topless Lounging Around

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brian-mcgee - July 7, 2017

Great googly moogly, Geiza Rodrigues might be one of the most perfect women I've ever laid eyes on. I know that there's probably a joke I can make about her first name and pyramids, but I'm far too distracted to be clever at the moment. 

I think that there's nothing sexier than seeing Geiza Rodrigues topless, lounging around the house. This is the simplicity I'm often decrying a lack of in the topless model photo sets that come across my desk. There's no dressing up perfection and photographer Marina Abadjieff knows this better than anyone. She probably took one look at Geiza Rodrigues nude and chucked her playbook right out the window saying, "Alright, let's just lounge around the house today and see what happens." I'll tell you what happened: Pure, unbridled, topless perfection, that's what.

Like a breath of fresh air blowing through your stale office, these topless pictures are sure to have you longing for your own couch for a little lounging. Sadly Geiza Rodrigues won't be there to enjoy it with you, but you're free to enjoy her lounging as you do some lounging of your own later. Enjoy!

Images via We Are Alive