Genevieve Morton Wicked Nude Game For Treats!

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brian-mcgee - July 10, 2017

Good god almighty these are some amazing pictures right here. If you've ever wanted to know what it might be like to live in that Chris Isaak video for "Wicked Game," I imagine it would look something like this incredible photo set of the gorgeous Genevieve Morton fully nude on a beach in black and white for Treats! Magazine. 

Honestly, all I can hear in my head is Chris Isaak warbling about how he doesn't want to fall in love as I gaze at Genevieve Morton naked at the beach. It's a testament to how amazing Genevieve Morton's nude body is that I continue to look at these pictures despite having a 25 year old rockabilly song blaring in my head now. Genevieve Morton nude just has the power to override anything else that might be ailing you.

What I wouldn't give to stroll down the beach one day and see a naked Genevieve Morton strolling toward me. That seems like a fantasy come true, and I have no doubt in my mind that were this scenario to play itself out, it would most assuredly look exactly like that "Wicked Game" video. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine / Riker Brothers