Georgia Fowler Topless In Black And White

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2016

Freckle-faced sexy girl Georgia Fowler took off her top in an arty black and white photo shoot. If there is one thing I learned from going to film school it is that if you want to make something look classy and like art, do it in black and white. Georgia has a nice pair of hooter that are all glistening with sweat. Is there anything sexier than a woman with a thin layer of sweat? It reminds one of the perspiration that happens during the physical act of doing it. I also really like Georgia's freckles. I've always been a sucker for freckles. Maybe that's why I dated so many girls with Irish ancestry? It's hard to say. What I do know is that they give a woman a girl next door quality that is hella sexy.

Georgia looks like she could use a refreshing beverage and a back massage. I would willingly make her some ice tea and give her a rubdown. 


Photo Credit: Chadwick Tyler