Georgia May Foote’s See-Through Dress Shows More Nipple Than She Expected

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aldo-vallon - October 2, 2018

There sure is a lot of handholding going on between these gals. It is almost like they were told that one in three women can expect to be abducted and they are holding on to each other as some sort of safety precaution. That is ridiculous for so many reasons.

The first being that one cannot expect to ward off a woman snatcher by simply holding onto another woman. That only sweetens the pot for them. They can just grab everyone in the daisy chain and end up making a pretty penny.

The second reason that is ridiculous is because that statistic of one in three women is impossible. Having a third of the female population get snatched would lead to one hell of a shortage in single ladies. That is the kind of stuff that makes headlines. And if on third of ladies are being sold on the black market, then the market is going to get over saturated and there won’t be any profit in it for the traffickers. It would be cheaper to buy a woman than to meet her on a dating app. Who would go through all that trouble for so little a reward?



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA