German Model Katharina Heß Shows Off Topless Tanlines

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bill-swift - March 16, 2016

Technically Katharina Heß, but for the purposes of English alphabet, Hess, either spelling, so incredibly hot and as is our good fortune today, completely topless and flashing epic funbags on the pages of Yume magazine. And as if fortune wasn't already smiling upon us, Katharina has the most phenomenal tan lines, the kind we rarely ever get to see in the new millennium. 

Katharina reminds us once again that when you have the services of a gorgeous woman with killer mams willing to take her top off for photographs, that's all you need. No elaborate staging or makeup or lighting or props or surreal themes. Just hotness. And hooters. You can do no better than that. Don't touch. I mean, figuratively speaking. Literally, you're going to want to grasp those sweet mams with all your soul and might. Katharina, thanks for the tingly confusion. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine