Gia Ramey-Gay Topless Tatas Down Mexico Way

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bill-swift - July 5, 2016

Gia Ramey-Gay does all kinds of things to a man that make him feel compelled to build something or blow something up in celebration. Stick with the building please. Perhaps a monument in sculpted hardwood to the fine female form that is this Playboy hottie who so benevolently shares her body wonderful gifts with the leering world. There is no higher form of charity if my chart is correct.

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Gia is one of the rare sextastic Sirens that gets to travel for Playboy Plus to exotic locales for scenic shoots, such as this rear-up bit of wonderment from South of the Border. If I could Walter Mitty myself into these photos, I could be a happy man for the rest of my life, or the next five minutes, however long I lasted. Gia, you are an inspiration. I'd love to be inspired from much closer. I have an ocean view as well. Well, actually it's a picture of the ocean on the wall of my abode. You really must pose in front of it one day. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Playboy Plus