Gino Nunesz Keeps her Hat On!

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Tex Hollywood - September 2, 2020

This model is named Gino and her instagram is HERE .

I've never heard of her before but that doesn't mean she's not amazing, interesting, brilliant, or HOT!

She has close to 20,000 followers, I have no idea where she's from, but for whatever reason she gives off some Vanessa Hudgens vibes, which if you've seen recent Vanessa Hudgens, you'll know is a total compliment.

In this shoot, she's doing the whole nude with a matching fringed hat and gloves, like she's about to put on some sort of western performance at the county fair. All we're missing is being cast as the horse she rides! She's also got some hot ass GoGo Boots and a hot ass, so the whole thing is a win to me!


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