Haley Kalil Gets Seductive!

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Echo Lawrence - November 10, 2020

Haley Kalil is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie from 2019, which wasn't all that long ago, seeing as 2020 doesn't actually exist and is just a dream we will all wake up from, not that 2020 is all that bad! I think it's fun that we got to switch things up a little, it helps you realize what's important in life or some other aspirational quote that you probably tell yourself in front of the mirror each day.

Speaking of aspirational, these pics of Haley Kalil are clearly aspirational. I want to be them, or at least be in a bush when they are being taken, but that seems to require too much work, so looking at them on the internet is good enough. Clearly, we can see why SI named her their Rookie from all the girls they auditioned, because she's got this whole Swimsuit posing thing down.

To make things more interesting, bikini modelling isn't all she does as she she has her Bachelor's degree in Medical Biology, psychology and a minor in chemistry. Sounds smart. She also has a husband so stop your drooling over her or don't. The internet makes it fair game!


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