Alexis Ren Weird Catsuit and Parasol Shoot

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Tex Hollywood - February 4, 2020

Alexis Ren, the viral sensation from years ago, who inspired people to do the whole travel softcore instagram porno style shoot from epic places on epic trips, because her and her then boyfriend went viral for their erotic softcore half naked travel content. Women in menial jobs everywhere went nuts over it. It was their ASPIRATIONAL to be young, hot and half naked in paradise escape.

Well thanks to going viral, she's been able to establish herself as an influencer. She was on Dancing with the stars, she does brand deals, she has millions of followers despite no longer being with that original dude she shared that seemingly dream life with.

So she is doing shoots like this, that really allow her bolt on breast implants she purchased because I guess she felt that was what was missing from all her bikini travel shoots, which this IS NOT. This is some weird attempt at fashion and it is not very good.