Haley Kalil in the Tub!

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Echo Lawrence - September 22, 2020

Haley Kalil is a 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search winner, who along with Gronk's Camille Kostek, appeared in the 2019 issue.

She is from Minnesota, a good mid-western girl, who was crowned Miss Minnesota Teen USA, which brought her to Miss Teen USA where she didn't win. This was back in 2010 and in 2014 she placed Top 20 in Miss USA pageant in 2014.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in medical biology, psychology and a minor in Chemistry, so as you guessed, Math + Science = Success. Even though the only biology we're dealing with here is her body. A human guinea pig if you will.

Pre-Sports illustrated, she married an NFL player named Matt Kalil. So unlike other Sports Illustrated models, she was already on the "athletes make the best husbands" kick, it's really the American dream.


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