Haley Warr Topless For P Magazine

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michael-garcia - September 15, 2016

Awesomely named professional sexy person Haley Warr took off all of her clothes for P Magazine. She got wet and wild in a pool for this eye-popping spread. Seriously, your eyes will bug out like a cartoon wolf when you see these. Haley has a splendid pair of perkies with slightly upturned nips. I would very much like to hang out with these jugs, take them out for coffee, then motorboat them until my face goes numb. This is my dream. Not only do we get a gander at her righteous rack but we also see the top of her lady mound and its foliage. I've said it before but I like a girl to have some coverage down there. Not a lot, not the 70's bush but something. The shaved thing makes me feel like I'm banging a prepubescent teen. That's not good.

I wish my last name was Warr. I would be a super villain though rather than a writer. It would be a waste of a good name to be anything else. 


Photo Credit: P Magazine