Halle Berry Riding Billy Bob Thornton Junk, A Closer Look

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bill-swift - December 2, 2016

Well, it's Friday. On this final day of the workweek, I give myself a pass on many levels. One being the chance to bring loyal and faithful readers a re-view of something gone but certainly not forgotten in the world of sextastic celebrity. That infamous riding scene from Monster's Ball in which Halle Berry grinds a lucky bastard Billy Bob Thornton on the floor into submissive bliss.

Watching the film originally, you have to wonder how they shoot such a scene without real shtupping going on. And now, thanks to EgoReader 'Evan R.', you have a chance to see an even closer view via mirror of Halle rocking up and down and what clearly appears to be BBT junk. Go figure. Or just get more jealous of Billy Bob. The mysteries of modern cinema meet the tingly good feeling of making of the sexy with one fine woman. Enjoy.