Halsey’s Gold Standard Wardrobe Malfunction

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aldo-vallon - February 12, 2018

 Is it even possible that Halsey was not expecting her vaj to be seen by everyone that night? If you decide to wear a dress that is cut that high then it kind of goes with the territory. She must have taken that dress for a test drive, so she must have known what she was getting into. I am willing to bet good money that this whole incident was cleverly planned in order for her to get into the headlines. Notice how even with this "accident" the actual vagina is securely tucked away from sight. It all seems a bit too convenient.

I am loving the high heels she has on. In my opinion, it was an ambitious decision considering how much she knew she would be walking around that night. The heel on them is so high that it is basically making her into a ballerina. I can only imagine what her foot must have felt like by the end of the night. If I was ever in the situation where I needed to wear high heels, every moment would be filled with terror, waiting to fall on my face in front of everyone.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Twitter

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