Hannah Glasby And Lisa Marie Bosbach Topless

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michael-garcia - August 10, 2016

Hotties Hannah Glasby and Lisa Marie Bosbach both took off all their clothes in these revealing shoots. We start off with Hannah, who is a slender pixie-like goddess that has me all types of bothered. She's got some perkies on her that make you want to go frolic in a forest somewhere. While usually not my thing, I have to say her tiny but mighty teetons are pretty darn amazing. Then you've got her booty, which is just perfection. Lisa Marie, on the other hand, is a more conventional beauty. She's got that whole girl next door thing down pat. Not that I ever lived next door to a rack like that. My neighbor growing up was my ophthalmologist. That ain't hot. 

These girls have a lot to offer in their own right. They are hard to compare because they have such different looks. I'd like a helping of both, please. 


Photo Credit: Nextdoormodel Magazine