Hard As A Rock With Sarah Kay

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aldo-vallon - December 4, 2017

 I am going to put out a crazy theory: I think the female foot is evolving at a faster rate than the typical man's. From all of the beatings that a woman's foot takes by being shoved into oddly shaped shoes, I do not think it is that far fetched of an idea. I would like to add as evidence this photograph.

I have a hard enough time walking on the beach without any type of shoe on. I hop around like I am Woody Woodpecker on cocaine. But women, it does not seem to matter what terrain they need to walk on. Sarah Kay is barefoot in what seems to be the mecca of rocky landscapes. I would not be surprised to find out that she was standing in the ruins of an ancient city that once worshiped rock. 

The only explanation that I am willing to indulge is that women's feet now have less nerve endings than the feet of men. If that is not true then I would be forced to accept the fact that I am just a wuss, and I do not think I am prepared to do that yet. 

Photo Credit: Justin Rosenberg for JSR Photography 

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