Harry Amelia Thong Bikini Topless On Big Brother UK

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bill-swift - June 5, 2015

Look, I don't make the rules of this world, or get to name all of its children, but the unusually named Harry Amelia is a celebrity dominatrix in the U.K. and a contestant on Big Brother. That sounds like a lot of jobs. Luckily, she does both of them quite well.

As is the case of Big Brother everywhere pretty much but in the U.S., the funbags do unfurl among the female contestants taped on the hidden cameras that are not particular hidden. Hence, we have a lovely reality TV view of Harry Amelia removing her top to sunbathe inside a house in Britain, which makes doubly no sense. But those funbags make tons of sense. Please don't hurt me. My safe word is banana cream pie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Big Brother UK Channel 5