Mexican Porn Star Helena Danae Topless Shower Peeks

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bill-swift - May 19, 2016

Yes, they make pornography outside of Tampa and the San Fernando Valley. I too was shocked. But apparently the adult film business is as thriving in Mexico as it is in the United States and every other nation of the world with monitors and men. Helena Danae happens to be one of the most sought after mature themed entertainment specialists South of the Border, and highlighted her body on the pages of H Para Hombres magazine just to extend her visual reach.

Now I'm neither endorsing or condoning the watching of adult content. Though I am clearly doing so myself once in a while or thrice daily. I can't recall as I will say on the witness stand at some point. But the likes of Helena Danae smooshing her udders against the shower door just makes me want to confess to a whole bunch of naughty feelings, some not even my own. Helena, I'd like to hire you as my Spanish language instructor. No, we don't need words. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H Para Hombres