Every Cleavage And Cheek-Baring Outfit Phoebe Phucking Price Wore To Coachella 2019

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earl-jonas - April 15, 2019

I was originally going to do a post today about (newly-dethroned) Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens, but a three-second scroll through her Instagram tells us that she was officially surpassed over the course of this weekend's music festival. Vanessa's outfits this year weren't really sexy or even interesting and feel as though they could have only been procured from the "Dour and Matronly" section of Sam's. The world expected more.

International modeling sensation Phoebe Price, on the other hand, is all couture baby. As we don't reward bad behavior here at Egotastic, I've crowned Price the Coachella (and hashtag!) queen. Price posted a bunch of pics and vids of wild cleavage-baring getups much more appropriate for the thirstiest music festival in the world than Hudgens' desert fiasco. You can check out all of Phoebe Price's amazing Coachella looks in these Insta embeds, as well as a roundup of some of her most iconic outfits ever in the gallery. Sorry Vanessa, no one stands a chance when it comes to Phoebe Phucking Price.


Photo Credit: Getty Images