Here’s The Latest Lesbian Boobage From Nudity-Filled Vida On Starz

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earl-jonas - June 7, 2019


It's weird when a show airs on an old-timey network like HBO or Starz and we only get an episode's worth of nudity a week. It's very Great Depression. Makes me feel like I can turn on the radio and tune into a nice fireside chat. Netflix and other streaming services have spoiled us by giving us entire seasons - and the nudity featured within those entire seasons - all at once. So I'm genuinely surprised to see that the Starz series Vida has even more nudity in store following the explosive orgy in the first episode.



We're now three episodes in apparently, and Mishel Prada isn't showing any signs of putting away her amazing breasts. She gets eaten out by Maria-Elena Laas in a lesbian scene, and we see their sweet gentle touching evolve into a wild carpet munching fest. Apparently in seven days we'll get another episode. Crazy.

Photo Credit: Starz via Mr. Skin