Holly Horne Oiled Up And Topless

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michael-garcia - July 21, 2016

Blond beauty Holly Horne got all greased up and naked in this sexy pictorial spread. When I say she's naked I mean full frontal, y'all. You see pretty much every part of her glistening tanned skin. Holly has a nice set of perkies which really look nice covered in baby oil. You never think about how sexy a woman is when she's all oiled up until you see it and then it's like, "Oh, yeah." Holly is slender but she looks good, not too waifish. She's got some nice definition in her hips that lead to her garden of earthly delights which is as shaved and smooth as Telly Savalas' head. For those of you too young to remember Kojak, ask someone late thirties and above. 

I think more women should be encouraged to get all oily for photoshoots. After all, it's important to stay moisturized. No one likes ashy skin. 


Photo Credit: Last Daze