Holly Horne Topless Knife Treats

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bill-swift - November 3, 2016

You know my knowledge, understanding, and generally fulfillment provided by artistic expression hovers around nil. In sharp contrast, my appreciation for the female body faptastic is non pareil. Without equal. I dare you to try. Hence my inquisitive nature in regard to topless photos of British model and young indie actress Holly Horne in all kinds of weird makeup, lighting, and a kitchen knife. Now, I've had naked women hold a kitchen knife in my midst before, generally chasing me around some kind of table screaming about things I'm quite certain weren't my fault. The rest is somewhat new.

As all Egotastic men must, we look past the more profound symbols of higher visual exploration and right to the hot body of Holly Horne. She does drive a man quite wild, with or without production design. And maybe without the large butcher's knife. I must admit that's not exactly a mood setter, unless you're into that kind of thing. No judgements. But I'm not cut proof. And my happy parts need reassurance. Bless you for trying so delightfully, Holly Horne. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Haris Nukem