Holly Peers Lingerie Strip

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

Holly Peers is truly peerless in the world of let's just take our tops off and see how things progress from there. My favorite world of all. Time literally stands still for Holly Peers, or certainly would if Time had male parts and a decent set of peeps to feast upon Holly's enormously happy tubes. The British lovely lass started and has never stopped revealing her sweet funbags in numerous poses and angles for several years of gifting pleasure to the world now. Where do saints come from? Look into Holly's chest and start imagining.

In her latest work for Page 3 magazine, Holly shows us once again how elaborate stage and studio productions are absolutely not needed in portraying the true beauty and alluring powers of the divine and racktastic women of this world. One camera, no outstandingly sextastic woman, and no clothes. That's your recipe for erectile success at every turn. Life is only as complicated as you make. The same goes for lust. When others are making fancy dishes, opt for the beer and hot dog, and with all your extra time and money, court yourself an incredible lass like Holly. She'll appreciate your priorities. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Page 3