Ilona Novacek Topless By The Pool For Treats!

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michael-garcia - July 28, 2016

Aussie hottie Ilona Novacek let her considerable yum yums out for some air poolside. When one isn't at a public beach or pool one is tempted to take off one's clothes isn't one? But I can almost guarantee that the result won't be the same as when Ilona takes her top off. She's got some serious ta-tas that look all tanned and lovely. I like a set of chichis with some color on them. Paleness isn't sexy in the summertime. There is no excuse for it. Unless your people are from northern Europe and you just burn. Then you can't help it. But Ilona is from down under where people turn a golden brown. You also get a nice view of that amazing booty she's sporting. Makes a man want to say g'day. 

I love Treats! Magazine. They always have the sexiest spreads of anyone in the business. They are my favorites. Treats! pretty much has the market cornered on the best of topless tasteful modeling now that Playboy went SFW. 


Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine