Indian Model Dakini Big Topless Funbags Fills the Screen

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bill-swift - January 18, 2017

Dakini is the name of a spirit goddess in Indian lore. Also, the chosen pen name of a ginormously endowed Indian model who goes by many names, but a very distinctive size that makes it impossible to hide. I'm quite a bit more interested in the latter Dakini as her busty bosoms have thrown me into a trance from which I may never leave. This is actually good news.

Thank you to EgoReader 'Benny' for suggesting I just might want to make acquaintance with this popular model in the big ole guns of blessed nature set. I'm feeling kind of number in my toes right about now, but I'm told it should go away within a week. Or spread to the rest of my body. Dakini, eh? Well it's easy to remember, on the off chance you forget your newfound desire to perform the biggest motorboat ever. Enjoy.