Instagram Hottie Of The Week: Julianne’s Best Lingerie And Bikini Shots

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brian-mcgee - April 25, 2018

I think I've finally narrowed down my favorite thing about this job. It's not the fringe benefits or the occasional "gentleman's lattes" offered up, but rather it's getting introduced to new Instagram hotties on a weekly basis!

The latest Instagram hottie to cross my desk is the sultry Julianne, whose absolutely amazing body is destined for bigger and better things. I'm in utter awe of her amazing body, which packs plenty of heat into a compact and tight package!

I'm a particularly big fan of the pictures of her in profile with her head turned to give the camera an absolutely cutting glance. It's like hotness on top of hotness in a hotness parfait that's guaranteed to melt before you ever get it in your mouth.

You don't get to nearly 5 million Instagram followers without knowing what you're doing, and my goodness does Julianne have this thing figured out. She pushes the boundaries of Instagram's restrictive policies with nearly every picture, and she's completely mastered the smolder.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Julianne play Smolder Bravestone in the Jumanji sequel. That would be amazing. Not that I don't love The Rock, but he could take a smolder lesson or two from the amazing Julianne!

Photo Credit: Julianne from Instagram