Instagram Sensation Cindy Mello’s Brazen, Braless Nipple Display

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aldo-vallon - January 26, 2019

Something tells me Cindy Mello’s shirt isn’t good for a whole lot. It reminds me of the pack of undershirts I ordered online because they were cheap. The fabric ended up being so thin that my chest hairs were popping out like they were playing a game of whack-a-mole. If Cindy had herself a couple of hairy nips she could have played her own game, but unfortunately for her she is as smooth as a bodybuilder.

It is lucky for her that she became a model, though. That way she could put the shirt to use at least one time by taking a photo with it on. For any other girl that shirt would have been five dollars flushed down the drain.

The other girl might have gotten a couple of uses out of it by repurposing it as a rag, but that’s about it. Even then she would have had better results by using a paper towel. It would probably be more absorbent. I don’t see that little tank having much luck against spilled spaghetti-o’s if it cannot even conceal a nipple. It isn’t like Cindy’s nips are that dark.




Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA