Iris Apatow is in Lingerie!

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Tex Hollywood - November 16, 2020

Iris Apatow is officially 18 years old, her birthday was back in October, so she's ready for the BLOG treatment now, especially when she's posing in a lingerie top!!

The daughter of Leslie Mann and what you could call the Lorne Michaels of his generation. Comedy impresario, expert, some would say obsessed, despite his own stand-up being awkward at best, Judd Apatow. You know him as the man behind every comedy movie that starred Jonah Hill. Shout Out Jonah!

Well, his daughter, as an 18 year old is now facing a very sexualized generation raised on the internet. They dance, they sell nudes, they get naked for "art" and activism. They wear lingerie as outerwear and their bathing suits are getting more and more micro.

So welcome to Allstars Iris, see you in your next "influencer" shot!


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