Isabeli Fontana And Lais Ribeiro Nude On The Beach

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michael-garcia - September 1, 2016

Impossibly gorgeous dynamic duo Isabeli Fontana and Lais Ribeiro get completely naked on the beach for Lui Magazine. Either one of these amazing women naked on their own would be enough to excite the old downstairs region, but that both of them are naked is like Christmas in September. Brazilian hottie Lais Ribeiro shows off why she's a Victoria's Secret Angel, though nary a piece of lingerie is to be seen in some of these. She's got some truly ripe melons. I wouldn't mind burying my face between those Brazil nuts and doing unconscionable things. Then there is the equally fine Isabeli Fontana and her yummy looking nips. I just kind of want to gnaw on those, in a sexy way, for at least two hours.

It's pictorials like this that make this job so fulfilling. Not only do I get to look at these pics in great detail but I get to share them with you, my esteemed friends and fellow purveyors of sexy ladies. 


Photo Credit: Lui Magazine