Isabella Manderson Wants Quentin Tarantino to Notice Her

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egoadmin - February 6, 2020

Isabella Manderson is amazing. I just checked out her INSTAGRAM where I have learned so much about her, like that she exists, since this is the first I've ever heard of her, despite her 100k followers. I can't know EVERYONE.

I have no idea where she's from, what her deal is, I just know she's hot, young and posing proper. Which is all we really need.

Maybe this is her attempt to get Quentin Tarantino's attention before Sunday's Oscars. You know to show her support or to secure herself a role in his next project. Maybe do a little Casting Couches. I mean, he is Quentin and she is wearing him on her chest. What else would she be willing to do!? Give her a shot Quentin, I am a believer.

Maybe I am reading into this too much, when I should just be STARING.


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