Ivana Martinez Nude in Black and White

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elliot-wolf - September 1, 2017

Photographers don't get enough credit for how well professionally they handle themselves in the company of beautiful women. It would be beyond hard to focus on composition when your subject focus is hotter than a legion of suns. Ivana Martinez may sound like the name of an overpriced cocktail in NYC, but in fact it is the moniker of one of the most outstandingly beautiful ladies you can lay a pair of eyes or camera lens on. 

I see Ivana is a woman who enjoys the simple side of life. Walks through scenic nature pathways with no clothes on to get in the way. I'm a simple man and believe that's how life should be set up. She doesn't need designer tops and bottoms when the Good Lord designed her top and bottom all too well from the start. All I ask from her is to bring her heart and the skin she's in. I'll take care of the rest. I've spent a good portion of my life hunting. So I know my way around a bow and arrow. Hopefully Cupid holds my hand steady as I aim for her heart. Just wait in the woods for me Ivana, I'm coming. You may not be able to see my intentions of interest for you hidden so well behind my Realtree camo, but you're the only one I want. 

Photo Credit: Antonio de Ron