January Jones Proudly Baring Her Topless Cleavage On Instagram

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aldo-vallon - October 6, 2018

Why is it that cleavage gets so much sexier when there is not a bra holding a woman’s boobs up? By discarding a traditional bra in favor of one made of hands the hotness increases exponentially. What is odd about that is the amount of cleavage, as well as boobage, gets greatly diminished.

A lacey bra can show way more skin and make cleavage so deep people will try to base jump into it, and yet it still cannot compete. Maybe it has something to do with the added risk of additional nudity. In the blink of an eye she could move that hand away and be showing the entirety of her goods. All it would take is the unexpected frisbee thrown at her. She would instinctively reach for it because the desire is irresistible, and any eyes on her would get treated to the rest of the show.

January Jones has a hell of a rack, too. I am left wondering why there is not always a couple of guys tossing a frisbee around her. It is like no one else even cares to see any unintended boobs.


Photo Credit: Instagram