Jemima Kirk and Lola Kirke Both Naked, It’s Sisters, Wonderfully Naked Sisters

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bill-swift - January 27, 2017

Some people have trouble with the Kirke sisters, Jemima Kirke and sister Lola Kirke. There is often a backlash to kids of privilege who move from boarding schools to arts and entertainment and then take a soap box to speak of the hardships of life in any capacity. But I like to give people a chance to redeem themselves. Especially when they're female and curvy and naked. I'm that tolerant.

Seeing as how both Jemima Kirke and Lola Kirke both got nude for recent photoshoots, and this being Friday, I figured, why not blend the admittedly unshorn indie film and TV sisters into on sibling sorority post without clothes on. You have to give the Kirke sisters some credit for their body confidence and willing to share. Of course they'll tell you they only get naked for the art and when the role demands. And we'll tell them we're not staring at their beavers. It's a nice tradeoff. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Jemima (Oyster Mag) / Lola (Zia Anger)