Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures and Nipple Pokes South of the Border (Wtih Bonus Chelsea Handler Bikini Pictures)

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bill-swift - November 27, 2010

Stressed from all the P.R. pretending about being on the receiving end of her hot leading men bone, Jennifer Aniston packed up her purple bikini and headed down to Cabo for a little rest and masturbation relaxation. As I always stated, no matter how much we kid Jennifer Aniston about always being a bridesmaid, check out these Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures; the woman has kept herself in mighty fine shape, from her omnipresent powerhouse nipple pokes to her delightful boobs and taut body. Definitely not bad for 40. Not bad at all. Enjoy.

Chelsea Handler packed some junk in her trunk and came along for the joint Mexican vacation with Jennifer Aniston. Consider these Chelsea Handler bikini pictures a bonus, depending upon your preference. Personally, despite despising her laugh-track brand of lowest common denominator comedy, I have gained a new found respect for Chelsea Handler's talent, you know, since the sex tape.

Photo credit: Splash News