Jess Varley, Jenny Slate And Frankie Shaw Topless In New Movie ‘Joshy’

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michael-garcia - August 16, 2016

Jess Varley, Jenny Slate, and Frankie Shaw all get down to their underwear and less in the new movie Joshy. The film is a rom-com about some sudes who throw a bachelor party for their buddy after his fiancee commits suicide. Sounds hilarious, no? But who cares what the plot is if these three vixens are going topless? Jess Varley bares her sweet perkies in at least one scene during the bachelor party goings on and boy is it hot. These dudes are lucky. Then Frankie Shaw takes off her top and the party really gets started. But the one I want to see is Jenny Slate because I'm kind of in love with her. She's the Jewish girl my Jewish dad always wanted me to marry. I'll gladly do it, pops, if she looks like Jenny.

I was probably going to go see this movie any way, but I'm going this weekend knowing there is all this fine nudity going on.


Photo Credit: 'Joshy' American Zoetrope