Joanna Krupa Is Topless In Treats!

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michael-garcia - August 2, 2016

Joanna Krupa gave us the full package in this smoking hot spread in Treats! Magazine. First she takes off her top and shows us those delectable melons of hers. They are unbelievably round and perfect with a big pair of pencil eraser nipples that have got my pressure up. Joanna's naked rack would have been enough to satisfy, but then she took off her bottoms too. Her booty is breathtaking, that's the only word for it. If you saw it in person it would probably make your heart skip a beat. Joanna also gave us the privleadge of seeing her garden of Earthly delights in the front, something you don't see everyday from high fashion models. The whole effect is stunning. This girl's body is the bee's knees, as a 1920's flapper might have said.

Plus they're in black and white which makes the whole thing seem more artistic and less like you are just checking out some naked hot chick...not that there is anything wrong with that. 


Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine