Jocelyn Nickel Topless On The Beach

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michael-garcia - September 20, 2016

Incredibly sexy model Jocelyn Nickel got completely naked on the beach in this unbelievably hot spread. Jocelyn is you classic slender model with a righteous pair of perkies. Sure, they aren't mammoth sized swinging funbags but sometimes you are in the mood for something more down to Earth. Jocelyn is definitely beautiful, no doubt about it and she's willing to get naked which is a big plus. She gets sand on her bare booty, which for some reason I've always found hella sexy. There is something primordial about it. It harkens back to the good old days before clothes when we humans walked around in the buff all the time. You can also see the top of her lady mound at the gates of the garden of Earthly delights. I hope she didn't get sand in there.

Jocelyn is a hottie, no doubt about it. I'm hoping to see even more of her in the near future. By that I mean more nudie spreads. 


Photo Credit: Adam Mont