Jodie Gasson Sweet Teats and Moist Shower Treats

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bill-swift - October 17, 2016

Sometimes you just need a little Jodie Gasson in your life. Those times would be any time, or every time you can imagine needing the visceral and warm wet smooth skin comfort of a buxom topless woman who comes to you fresh out of stripping out of her bikini in the shower. Why wear a bikini into the shower in the first place? You're clearly asking the wrong questions. Try "mother, may I have some more, please?" and you're getting warmer.

Jodie and her funbags of full and delicious exhibition truly are the slave to soothe the savage beast. I mean, after a few minutes of private time thinking about Jodie and yourself rolling twixt the sheets. The beast must be expressed before soothed. There's a precise order to this dance. Suffice it to say, Jodie's stellar bare body is providing the music. I can hear it if I close my eyes, which I shall do after just twenty more minutes of ogling the heaving bare and wet chest of this shower goddess. Bless you, Jodie. You are a giver. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Jodie Gasson